Getting Started in Voiceover

Starting a career in voiceovers can be an exciting prospect. For those with a knack for acting, strong vocal skills, and lots of charm and personality, there’s no reason they can’t make it in the industry working on phone greetings, eLearning, commercials, and more. Of course, raw talent is only the beginning when it comes to landing jobs. Here are a few...

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How to Set Reasonable Deadlines When Working With Voiceover Artists

Experienced voiceover artists work with a wide variety of clients. They simultaneously juggle multiple projects of various sizes and complexities. The voiceover artists you hire might start their day recording a commercial but end it by working on several chapters of an audiobook. Companies that plan to hire a voiceover artist can make the process easy for...

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How to Use Professional Voiceover Services to Generate More Revenue

Professional voiceover services bridge the gap between your customers and your business, giving them a polished, yet undeniably human introduction. In addition to helping you get your first impression just right, expert voiceovers can also have a direct impact on your revenue stream. Here are a few ways to use professional voiceover services to make more...

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4 Reasons to Choose a Human-Made Voiceover Instead of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the internet this year. From AI-generated social media profiles to the seemingly endless uses of ChatGPT, more people than ever can explore the use of computers for creative and professional purposes. It’s also possible for a brand to use AI systems to turn written text into audio recordings; however, that...

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Why Professional Voiceovers Can Change Your Business

How many businesses out there extensively use voiceover? From commercials to phone greetings and eLearning, industries translate voice talent into products and services in a myriad of ways. So how can professional voiceovers change business' fortunes? Here are a few examples to consider. Marketing & Advertising There’s nothing quite like a human voice...

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Why Human Voices are More Engaging for eLearning

The eLearning market continues to grow as more companies look for ways to onboard and upskill their team members. In fact, 90% of organizations offer some type of eLearning to their employees. These platforms are easily accessible for remote workers and scalable for the organization, as an unlimited number of employees can access the tools. However,...

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